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Little Bird Communication is founded upon a deep desire to help businesses communicate better.

Clients come to me with a variety of challenges which need dedicated communication advice and support.

My consultancy model is simple and flexible putting clients’ needs first.

Whether it’s full consultancy, a communication audit, a dedicated campaign or team workshops and training my clients get the skills and resources they need to make an impact. I put people at the heart of our communication.


 “I love seeing the magic happen when communication is working, when people are happy in their work, when businesses are achieving their goals. Finding clarity in complexity and drawing out the themes and connections to bring your communication to life is always exciting.”


I find out what matters most for my clients, their businesses, and the people who make their businesses work. This gives us a better understanding of where we can make an impact. I use a range of tools from desk research to focus groups to get to the heart of the matter.


Through analysis of our discovery and applying my communication experience, I create clear communication campaigns and strategies to solve the challenges. I develop a communication plan to work for your people and your budget.


The magic happens when we put the strategy and campaigns into action. When connections are made, when people understand the information or change their behaviour, your communication is making an impact and working for your business. I deliver the communication plan and tactics, use feedback and measures to track how the communication is working, and adapt where it falls short of the plan.

Every client and situation is different.
Let’s start a conversation to find out what you need:

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