Futurecomms15: No need to re-write the book, just get on with it

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Katie Marlow recently went to Futurecomms15 and as she works with CIPR Inside to help us communicate what we do, we asked her to share her thoughts on futurecomms. Over to Katie:

Thursday 18 June saw the second Futurecomms event, take place in London at the Crystal. It was a bright day. Glimmering in the summer sun, the Crystal overlooks the docks, with cable cars gliding overhead between the Emirates Royal Docks and Emirates Greenwich Peninsular.


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Did it work?

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When I last posted, I had about three posts on the go. This is one of those posts, all of which got totally derailed by lots of exciting work. So, at last here’s a quick and simple run down of why you should measure and a list of useful metrics to help measure communication results on a budget.

It is always good to know where you are heading. Even if you decide to change direction, at least if you have a strategy, you can adapt your plan to suit your aim. (more…)

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