What we do

Why do businesses and different organisations come to us?

Clients want help to understand and solve a range of challenges that they face.

They want to:

  • Understand what people inside and outside of the organisation think about their business.
  • Find out how they can communicate better so they can be more successful.
  • Discover what is affecting the organisation’s performance and or its culture.
  • Find out why morale is low, people are off sick a lot, employees keep leaving, customers are not happy, or supplier relationships are difficult.
  • Get their business prepared and people engaged for a change.

Good communication and strong relationships are essential to successful business.

Both inside and outside of any organisation.

What we do to help you

We use a range of tools and tactics to discover what people think about your business. Interviews, discussion groups and surveys are some of the methods we use to investigate your organisation and the opinions of the people it depends upon to work well.

We analyse the results and report back to you with a strategic report which explains and addresses the challenges you face and builds upon the strengths of your organisation, its culture and communication.

If you need a clear action plan detailing a timeline and different tactics to follow we will create this for you from the strategy to employ within your business.

If you need a safe pair of hands to deliver your communication strategy and plan, or to work with your communication team we can provide that support on a project basis.

What makes Little Bird Communication different to a PR agency or marketing consultancy?

We are focussed on getting to the heart of the matter. We believe you cannot grow a business with external promotion if your business is not ready, your teams not able and people not engaged to move in the right direction. By aligning your internal and external communication your organisation can be more successful.