What’s our story?

A passion for great communication

For every business challenge there’s a creative communication solution. Good communication can make a huge difference to businesses and organisations of all shapes and sizes, helping them to achieve their aims.

Katie Marlow is the director and communication lead at Little Bird Communication. She works with a range of organisations and other experts to deliver effective communication for her clients.

Katie loves working in communication and seeing the real difference it can make. She created Little Bird Communication in August 2010 to put that passion to work for a range of interesting projects and clients.

Katie has provided communication and PR expertise and practical support and guidance to a range of businesses and organisations since graduating from the Public Relations Bachelor of Arts degree from Bournemouth University in 1999.

Here are some of the good things that her clients have said.

I love my work, the variety it brings and constantly learning.

Katie Marlow

Constant development and fresh ideas

Katie is a CIPR Accredited Practitioner, which means she’s committed to her professional development and follows a path of learning with the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. Katie completed the Internal Communication Diploma with the CIPR and PR Academy at the beginning of 2015. The communication profession is continually evolving, with new ideas, new tools and an ever-changing business landscape. This love of learning means that Little Bird Communication clients benefit from fresh ideas and perspectives for their communication challenges and projects.


Professionalism means more than the number of years you’ve been in practice, it’s about how you practice, learn and deliver your work. Katie is an accredited CIPR member which means she makes a significant commitment to CPD. Katie has been a member since 1997, she’s been an active committee member for the Wessex region and currently for CIPR Inside. As an active member of the CIPR she abides by its code of conduct.

Katie is also a mentor through the Charity Comms network, sharing her knowledge and supporting other communication professionals.

The business has grown every year and in December 2013 it became Limited. As part of that growth, it is also a member of the Federation of Small Business.

You can read some of the many nice things that clients have said about Katie’s work here.

Katie works with a range of other professionals to bring their skills in to deliver client projects when needed. This may be market research and intelligence, design and web development, coaching and training to name but a few. Just ask and we will happily put you in touch with a trusted professional.

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What’s in a name?

Why Little Bird Communication?

Katie created the name Little Bird Communication from the phrase ‘A little bird told me’ and the prevalence of birds in storytelling and symbolism. Over the centuries numerous authors have made reference to birds delivering messages.

Birds have been symbols of power and freedom throughout the ages. From the wise and learned owl and the singing nightingale, to the peaceful dove and the humble and purposeful carrier pigeon, birds represent many features admired by mankind.

Birds warn of dangers ahead, reveal secrets, and guide heroes and travellers on their way.