“I’m on a mission to help workplaces
work better with
great internal and external

I believe in putting your people at the heart of your communication strategy.

It makes sense, it works, and it makes an impact for business.

I follow three stages of:
Discovery | Design | Delivery
to understand and design the communication we need.

“Great communication creates a legacy of trusted, informed and connected communities both inside and outside your organisation.”

Katie Marlow

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How to use scenario planning to help your organisation prepare for Brexit.

I was invited along with 17 others to attend the second Brexit scenario masterclass  session held by the CIPR with Dr Jon White facilitating on Thursday 24 May 2018. The aim of the morning workshop was to work through scenarios together and understand how we can help our employers and clients to plan for Brexit, […]

How to change things when change is hard, and how communication can help

CIPR Inside’s May #ICBookClub read was Switch: How to change things when change is hard by Chip and Dan Heath. We know that change is hard. It’s challenging, outside of our comfort zone and often exhausting. The authors argue that instead of seeing the challenges we should understand how our minds work to find the […]

Communication takeaways from the first #Influencelive

I went to the first #InfluenceLive event at the end of January. It was a communication event about influence, social and how we use it. I was interested to hear first-hand from Ralf Little about his ‘Twitter spat’ with Jeremy Hunt, among other topics on the agenda that interested me changing face of recruitment, entrepreneurial […]

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